Succailure TV

Slack bot & web application to stay connected to the four different ustwo studios across the world.

The project

"ustwo studios" is composed of four major studios across the world. At ustwo Sydney, we sometimes felt a little bit isolated from the rest of us, and wanted to find an amusing way to reconnect with them.

So, we decided to create a Slack bot that listens to messages reactions in our 4 studios' Slack channels, and re-broadcast them into a web application that was displayed on the offices TVs, usually by the reception. By walking past it every day, ustwobies could see what happened in the other studios and have a smile.

Check the website (requires Slack login)

I developed a Slack bot with Node & Express.js to listen to Slack messages that would receive a 📺 emoji reaction, meaning that someone would want to broadcast it.

These messages are stored in Firebase and then used in a Next.js application, displayed in a colorful carousel that transitions between each item nicely.

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