Semi Permanent

Semi Permanent

Revamp of Semi Permanent's website to create a bespoke experience.

The project

Semi Permanent brings together internationally renowned designers, artists and creative icons for live events, presentations, workshops and parties.

ustwo helped Semi Permanent create a new website from the ground up, focussing on the four main pillars of the business: design festivals, brands partnerships, white label events, and content creation.

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Leading the project from a technical point of view, I was responsible for the website architecture and its stack.
I then went on to develop the whole website page by page in just 6 weeks, from creating Content Types in the CMS, to finessing the animations on the front-end with Framer Motion.


Permanent Record

One of the greatest challenges of this website was to work on different content types existing in the CMS, query them and combine them into this giant library of content, thanks to the Contentful GraphQL API and Apollo. Articles, Profiles, Past Events are all filterable by tag and reading time.


The Event page

The Event page combines a set of bespoke front-end components designed to detail events in the most comprehensive yet creative way possible. The Speakers & Artists "cloud" is one of them, grouping artists by theme whilst keeping things visual and playful.


Brand Studio

Semi Permanent works with brands to create tailored experiences. Like in the Permanent Record page, a unique grid of case studies has been created which reveals its content dynamically as the user scrolls through the page.

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